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Richard Bennett

I am assuming you made an effort and filed your grievance with them?
Myself, i bought this kit as an experimentation without expecting it to be of the quality that you would expect from a device costing thousands more.  Even then, I have heard complaints about radios that didnt measure up to the hooplah that was marketed.....and I would seriously doubt the big three EVER publicly made a claim as to their appologies for any dissatisfaction they may have caused.
Sure, I have bought kits that didnt perform as well as i had hoped or made an error in building, whether an honest mistake on my part or difficulty in following some maybe "scetchy" build instructions.
Its those times that I learned the most.
Maybe I just read the "tone" of your words as being a bit strong and if I did, olease forgive me.
I build kits and the like to learn....not just operate as those who buy aooliances would.
Yes, it can be very fruatrating at times.
I hope you find your answers but I am thankful there are peoole who continue to turn out projects for people like myself who enjoy the challenge.
I got very frustrated once with a kit supplier who was so so very slow about shipping items that were paid for in advance but waited months for an item while I read posts from the same about all of the things he had going on.
New projects and his travels and so on.
I just stopped biying as I felt the creating the hooplah and marketing was more important than the shiooing of the kits.
I even heard a supplier of this kitter complain of the neverending changes to the boards and getting stuck with old stock that he then discounted to the public just to liquidate.
Others continue to buy the kits without a complaint.
I am chuckling as I type this as i must constantly edit due to my fingers being fatter than the keys on my smartphone.....they should make the keys bigger so I wont make so many mistakes.

On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 0:24, Andy V. Borisenko via Groups.Io
<rw9rn@...> wrote:
I'm surprised by the position of the authors and sellers of the transceiver.
despite the obvious shortcomings main board of version 4, they did not recognize the problem, do not comment on the situation, do not offer compensation for inconvenience, do not do not remove the main board from the sale.
those who bought main board v4 did not even receive an apology for the inconvenience.
why is that?

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