Re: uBITX Version 4 first attempt #ubitx #ubitx-help


Good Morning,

I am too novice - thus afraid to try and load a different firmware - but I read the code of the Ver. 4 Firmware and it is different, the V3 program seems much easier to work with - below are the differences my non computer self was able to find:

Menu: "Setup on?"
Menu: "Set Calibration?" 
If button-
Print "Set to Zero-beat,"
Print "press PTT to save"

Menu:  "Settings on?"
Menu: "Set Calibration"
If Button -
Print: "Press PTT & tune"
Print: "to exactly 10 MHz"
delay -
Then it goes into TX - and the PTT Delivers a sidetone -

Earlier I posted my method of listening on an IC 746, and transmitting the sidetone into a dummy load - which you can still faintly hear, and I matched the sidetone to the IC746 receive tone, I am pretty sure I am in the neighborhood and can hear SSB Stations but they sound like GARBAGE -  so I am thinking my calibration and BFO are less of an issue then the Audio concerns I have been reading about with the V4.

I would love a post from someone about calibrating the V4 with the factory firmware - to see if I have a software bug of if I did it right!

Then I think I will look into the audio issues others have had.


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