Audio questions on V4 board


How do the new V4 users like the audio? Is it clear, quiet? Is there enough audio if running a small speaker? I know what Farhan said in his audio description, but I'm looking for some real world results from new users of the V 4 board. I already have a version 3 board, and until yesterday when trying to get the click/pop fix board installed it worked great except for the lack of AGC and the pop TX/RX problem. Well, somehow some of the magic smoke escaped when testing it, now I have no TX or RX but the Raduino is still working as are other parts of the main board, (like the audio circuit and the relays). Rather than spending a lot of time trouble shooting the V3 board right now, I'm thinking of just dropping a new V4 board in the same case and plug all my stuff into it. Will the V4 board use my old Raduino?


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