I'm really stuck! No Xmit Pwr. #ubitx

Latham, Chip

I assembled a Ver.3 board and everything went very well but when I measured the power out it was dead. I don't have the best power meter. I was using MFJ tuner/watt meter, set to 35 watt scale, and I was getting about a half a needle width reading. I finally found " A Diagnostic Guide for uBitx" Thank you for that document Ufi Auttorri. I measured all of the TX measurements listed in the document and every one was very close. I went back through and checked again everything seemed normal I set the bias, I had beefed up the heat sinks for the 510's a little and have a fan on them, heat sink is isolated from ground and still no transmit power. The heat sink will after a while get a little warm. I borrowed a friends QRP guys Voltmeter/ watt meter interface and measure 10 microwatts not milliwatts. It seems like something is not coupling the RF through. So I'm kinda stumped as to what to test next. 
Please Help someone, I love this radio.
73 N5FJK

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