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Gwen Patton <ardrhi@...>

I've wanted one of those AmScopes for a while now, but the price is out of my reach at the moment. Maybe in six months. My next two slated purchases for my bench are a stereo microscope and a 3d printer. I want to be able to make small parts and enclosures, and need something to give me good vision of what I'm working on.

I have one of those USB microscope things. It works so-so. The picture is wonderful, but what isn't wonderful is having to screw my neck into a cruller just to look at the screen while working on a board. Since I have a bad neck due to an accident in 2006, I can't do that for very long. The microscope with its own screen still requires bilocation to some degree -- working on the board while looking at a screen -- but at least the screen is in line with the work, and doesn't require that I bend my neck into a pretzel to use it.

But a 3d printer is the next big slated purchase, I think. I did back a resin printer on Kickstarter, but it's one of those "will it EVER ship?" projects. I've lost confidence it'll ever actually ship, and that if it does, that it'll ever actually WORK.

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