Re: Audio feedback during transmit? #ubitx

iz oos

Excellent solution, does it also remove the thump?

Il 19/giu/2018 02:44, "Joe" <joeman2116@...> ha scritto:
Plenty of builders have had this problem.   Lots of fixes.

The one I used was, I just added a small low trigger 5v relay .
I put the relay trigger across the PTT of the ubitx, so when Ptt is pressed, the low level triggers the relay.  
I feed my speaker to the  normally closed contacts so when the relay is triggered, it opens the Speaker path and connects the path to a 10 ohm resistor to gnd
Result: no Sound coming from external speaker.


On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 7:00 PM Jim Reagan <jimreagans@...> wrote:
I'm having audio feedback during transmit through my external speaker.!  I have the issue even with a dummy load.  I hear my voice (distorted) on the receive side when transmitting on any band. Anyone else have this issue?

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