Re: Homebrew from scratch #ubitx

Mike aka KC2WVB <rb5363@...>

You could ask Mike Hagen, WA6ISP, if he would share his design/... for his modified Raduino. Its structure is probably the easiest part of your planned endeavor.

On Jun 17, 2018 4:56 PM, "Woolf Brebner" <woolfoftheworld@...> wrote:
I'd like to build a uBitx completely from scratch. I've been looking at the circuit diagram and I cant figure out how to wire up the raduino. How would one make a raduino from scratch and wire it to a uBitx? I'd preferably like to be able to build it on a proto board. Would it be doable for someone with pretty good experience in wiring pcbs and proto-boards to build a uBitx from scratch on a proto board. If not does anyone have pcb designs for the uBitx and the raduino. And does anyone have a list of everything I would need to purchase to build a uBitx. I don't want to ask to much but if anyone has built a uBitx from scratch and has files and such that would be great. Thanks a lot, in advance.

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