Re: Display garbled uBitX

Jerry Gaffke

Could be a blown IO cell on either the Nano or the display.
That would happen if you shorted one of your separation cable wires to something like 12v or the like.

More likely, one of the 6 wires from display to Nano is open or shorted to something else.
Use an ohmmeter to verify wires are connected, and adjacent stuff is not.

A Nano is $3, display about the same.
Would be good to have a spare of each so you can swap stuff around.
Oddwires and Tayda have good prices and stock inside the US, 

If you wind up replacing he Nano on the Raduino, consider socketing it on the backside.

On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 06:25 pm, John wrote:

I didn't use my uBitX for a while and today when I hooked it up my display was garbled. I was afraid that my seperation cable might be the problem, but even with the display directly connected to the raduino gives the same result.

When I turn the tune button or push it I see things changing on the display so it looks like the raduino is functioning, Any ideas how to move forward?


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