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Richard Bennett

I would venture a guess that his parcels arrived as they did as he probably rubbed his pleasant attitude on his mail delivery person and has since garnered himself a target for the blatant relief of his postal carriers frustrations.
Yes, I DO believe in karma and am usually pretty tickled when I hear someone of his "caliber" beat their gums....and yet fail to understand why they get what they get.
As for most of us, we knew what we were getting as we did our homework before placing our order.
And he, as competent as he claims, ordered multiples....of such an inferior device.
One would think he could look at the schematic and surmise it totally lacking.
I would agree with others....let us all see your design with all its capabilities and at the same price.....I'll order multiples my address tho, as my postal carrier is quite a nice chap and takes special care of my deliveries.
73 1/2 (little extra hug for ya)

On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 13:38, Ray Koster via Groups.Io
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I am afraid that your first post is correct and you do need the skills of superman to do any mods to this piece of junk!!. If this is a modders delight rig then why was it built using SMT components? Why does it need to be modded and at the rate these mods keep coming in, there will be very little of the original rig left!!!. If this rig is that bad, then why was it released on to the market with so many faults on it? Has anyone bothered to see if this rig, after all the mod's have been done, still complies with their countries radio spec's? has anybody tried to take legal action against Hf signals for selling such a poorly designed rig that requires so many modifications to make it work?

You may well be asking if this guy has infact any of these kits!!! well I have two Bitx 40's both arrived smashed in the post and beyond repair and a Ubitx that also arrived smashed and is also in a doubtful state of repair. I would not dream of putting this Junk on the air and would doubt that any of these kits would ever work...i am not going to spend weeks looking for cracked components when I can build a lot better things with my time..I am an ex Electronic service engineer and also an ex college lecturer in the field of Electronics, Ex meaning I am now retired

Ray Koster G7BHQ

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