Re: Remote cooling fan indicator #ubitx


This quite common. To eliminate the problem make sure you have a hash filter.
Typically a 1000mfd capacitor or higher with a small resistor ( 2-10 ohm) in series, followed by another similar capacitor .. Basically a pi filter with a series resistor in the middle.

 I use them on my rigs to kill noise, especially fan noise.


On Sun, Jun 17, 2018, 5:41 PM Rob Snow <rsnow@...> wrote:
I installed my 12v auxiliary cooling fan in my uBITX earlier today to replace the unseemly box fan I had propped up over my open cased radio.  After I installed it and dialed in the temps I fired up WSJT-X to see if there was any performance changes with the fan on, well, lo and behold I discovered that I have a "remote digital fan on indicator" on all bands so I'm assuming it's getting in via the audio circuit not RF side.  It also turns off when the fan does.  Perfect, I think I'll leave it.


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