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My BitX40 has been finished and mods for Ver 1.27 were installed.  I wrote earlier that I had forgotten to install the 4.7K resistor when I connected the RXTX line.  (History: the basic BitX before mods was working perfectly.)  I put in the resistor, and re-flashed the Arduino (12 volt supply was off and both plugs to and from the BitX were disconnected) and then re-connected the two plugs and the power supply.

I tried to re-calibrate and the tuning was erratic.  The lowest frequency seemed to be set at 7.010.  I tried to set the lowest and highest frequencies but when I would bottom out the pot it would immediately stop.  The frequency was going down so fast that it was difficult to slow it down to select a frequency.  The same thing happened up on the high end of the pot.  I ultimately was able to set the low frequency to a little under 7.000 mhz and continued on with the calibration.  The tuning was very difficult and would only go up or down in 10 hz steps until I hit the bot tom or the top of the 100K pot.  Then it would jump extremely fast.

When I was trying to calibrate the board right after the upgrade, I may have screwed up the LSB/USB settings as I was having difficulty in getting a zero beat while doing the USB calibration.  Could I have screwed up the main oscillator setting?  Also, I had read in one of the posts that re-flashing the Arduino with Ver 1.27 does NOT re-set the original values .  Is that right?  If so, how can I clear out the bad settings?

I’m about ready to pull the radiuno out and put in another that I have programmed with Ver 1.27 to see if that will work.  I really don’t want to have to do that if someone here can give me some direction to re-set the Arduino.

BTW, the Bitx board seems to receive o.k. and will transmit 5+ watts.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to how to get the board back to original settings and/or if you think I might have damaged  it when I left out the 4.7 K resistor on the RxTx mod.  Thanks for any suggestions.  It’s greatly appreciated.


Keith - AGØH

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