Re: Group Policy


Agreed  de Vu3pen

On Sun, 17 Jun 2018, 9:34 pm Arv Evans, <arvid.evans@...> wrote:
Periodically it becomes necessary to restate the policy and intent of discussion groups,
including this group. 

The purpose and intent of this group is exchange of information and ideas relative to
BITX design, construction, modifications, availability, troubleshooting, problems, and
Please bear in mind that this is a large International group, with members that include
a wide range of locations, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and sensitivities. 

From time to time an individual will post off-topic information that is related to ham radio in
its several forms.  Normally this is tolerated because it may be educational or interesting to
some members the group. 

At times some individuals post purely commercial advertisements that have no relationship
to Ham radio or BITX.  These advertisements are not desirable and can end up being purged
from such posts.  If such action persists the user can be placed on moderation and his/her
posts edited to remove the undesirable content.  In persistent cases the offending member
can be removed from the group, or banned from

Your cooperation toward keeping the group focused on its intent is appreciated. 


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