Re: Went Dead

Bill Watkins

Absolutely right about using a new plan and your’s and other’s suggestions!

Have to think through the new heat sink . .  Maybe leave wspr to qrp labs qcx for now; purposely built for that.  I have a qrp labs US3 on the bench. Those two will do all the wspr I need. I’ll leave the ubitx for cw and phone. 

 Have to get it transmitting again first.  Will definitely pay attention to the list guidance for replacing the mosfet. 

Was definitely good feeling to have that qrp chat on it right out of the box. Really like this radio. Fan already installed in the new enclosure. It’s a computer type; probably not enough. 


On Jun 16, 2018, at 08:40, Doug W <dougwilner@...> wrote:

If you are using WSJT-X for WSPR there is a tx% setting.  At 100% it sends every time cycle, lower less.  I still wouldn't tx WSPR without a plan to remove the heat but a lower tx% will also give the MOSFETS a much needed break.

If you need some tips for removing the IRF510's from the board search this list it happens often enough.

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