Re: How hot is too hot? #ubitx


Picked it up over a year ago on Amazon no recognizable name.
I'd get two more save for I've not seen another.

That a RPI-3b will run on a 6AH 5V "charger" for at least 6 hours and still
going before I shut down.  

My laptop is a PI3b with a 10.1" hdmi that requires 12V and eats 4.5W at full
brightness without a touchscreen.  Not bad for 1024x720.  Went with a touch
pad and a real keyboard (apple mini) at a few milliamps as screens that size
with touch screen hardware eat wallets for breakfast.

THe big issues many of the displays there is no provision for dimming the
led backlight and that's where most of the current goes.  Even the little 16x2
runs high current until you change the resistor on the back or add one to 
the LCD 5V line (or go with a switch mode dimmer).

I tend to go if I need a screen on the radio I use a cheap 10" Android pad with 
as the screen as I can see it without classes and at low power.  With USB as
IO it can run everything with a Arduino as the other end of the USB. 


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