Re: How hot is too hot? #ubitx

MVS Sarma

I would prefer to use unregulated 12 or 13.5V for back lit by cutting it from 5V regulated and manage to change the series resistor to maintain needed current.

MVS Sarma

On Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 2:59 AM, Bo Barry <wn4ghv@...> wrote:
Thanks for the temp limits. I had forgotten about its thermal shutdown.   So @ 168 how long can I hold my finger on it? I stopped at 10.  I have a nice big Radio Shack sink on it.

Reminds me of advice I once got. My buddy said I shouldn't use the finger touch method. That I should use the upper lip method.

Yep. When I asked how to get my head/lip down into my equipment he threw something at me. 🤔. I figured it out the next day and won't reveal how to do it!

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