Re: uBitx start problem #ubitx-help


Typo: you have to solder a 4.7K without the resistor it will start keying the transmitter as you described.

At 16/06/2018, you wrote:
I used a Sunil case with a separate board where all the jacks and the 4.7k resistor are. So I will apply your advice.
Thank you again for this valuable info.

73 QRO from Gilles F1BFU

2018-06-16 13:09 GMT+02:00 Raj vu2zap < rajendrakumargg@...>:

It is because you have soldered a 4.7K resistor across two pins of the Raduino wires  blue and green.
Suggest you do it across the back of the Raduino board!

Please see the wiring diagram/instructions.


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