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I am glad you got it in the end. Nice perseverance. Lucky for me it was the encoder that was at issue in my uBitX. Now, I have a spare Raduino from Mike Hagen's shop that when I find the time I may turn into a signal generator for the fiddle shop. 
I also found a Telefunken am/fm-stereo/sw/turntable model for $40 at a thrift store. The console is cosmetically an A minus and electronically a B plus. The only thing that seems to be an issue are the volume and tone controls that are, in a sense, stuck at a constant output. If it's as simple as replacing two potentiometer's and perhaps recapping the receiver it was one heck of a fantastic deal. Even as is, its a marvel.

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Update on the Saga of the lifeless encoder...

I have been chasing encoder issues for a couple of weeks now. We have tried everything, almost. I even ordered the good Bourn encoders in two flavors, they got here and no help. The CEC software would not respond to the encoder to change the frequence for love or money. It would allow menu selection and sub menu selection but not frequency.

To make a long story short, I found the problem and have a fix for it... get a NEW NANO.
After breadbording a UNO and LCD and KY-040, loaded the software and it worked as it should. awesome. So, I laid the two NANOs that I had been using to find the issue aside and stole one from another project. It worked flawlessly... first time, every time..

Moral of the story, when you think you have done everything, there is always something else to do.
Moral #2, keep plenty of NANOs around... lol.

PTL for that solution. I can only give Him credit.

Now I can resume getting my uBitx on the air..

Thanks to everyone for their assistance, advice and encouragement.
72 and God bless

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