Re: Can't get my uBitX to transmit CW on the Dial frequency

Tim Gorman


On Thu, 14 Jun 2018 20:57:48 -0700
"Jerry Gaffke via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

I'm not sure what you mean about shifting the BFO.
The BFO has nothing to do with transmit.
On receive, it can remain exactly where it was for SSB operation.
The original message says: "The uBITX is on CWU has a 700 Hz sidetone
set (ie offset) then the dial on the uBITX needs to be at 7.029.300
Mhz  so that it is receiving a the Flex with a 700hz audio tone."

If you are working CW at 7030 then why should you have to set the
receive frequency to 7.029.300? That just means you need to know
whether you are in CWL or CWU and do math in your head to know what
frequency you are actually listening to!

Why not just shift the BFO so the receive frequency can remain showing
7030 and you still get your 700hz tone?

And no idea what all the other software releases out there are doing.
Mine is rigged as follows

On transmit the dial shows the frequency of the CW carrier (of

On receive (if RIT is not enabled) it still shows the same operating
frequency in the LCD. However, the VFO is tuned up in frequency by
however many hertz the cw sidetone is set up to be if operating in
LowerSideBand mode, and down in frequency by that many hertz if
UpperSideBand mode.
This is *exactly* what I am saying. You are doing it with the VFO. You
can do it with the BFO as well! It's why my homemade receivers always
had two BFO frequencies. It was easier to shift the BFO oscillator with
a switched-in capacitor than to try and shift the VFO frequency in an
analog vfo!

Apparently the software Michael is using utilizes neither of these

tim ab0wr

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