Re: VOM Advice?

Gwen Patton

I have a couple of older Radio Shack VOMs around here, mostly for field use (from back when I did computer field service), but I lucked out for my bench VOM. I got a Fluke 27/FM, the military model, on Ebay. If not for a song, it was at least for a couple of choruses and a jingle -- a small percentage of the original price of the civilian model. This one was of a large batch that had been purchased for the military and never deployed, but instead had been warehoused. They maintained them well, calibrating them before they sold them off. I paid about $80 plus a little shipping. It has served me more than adequately, and is a True RMS meter with a HUGE display and more features than I'll ever use. I love the thing to pieces.

Keep an eye out for sales of such on Ebay. If you spot such a deal, pounce on it. You won't regret having such a wonderful device on your bench.

Gwen NG3P

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