Nextion Displays >> warning


I purchased what appeared to be a Nextion display according to the description, off ebay recently. Cost was $12.  It arrived ok but does not work. The Nextion editor warns that displays with the prefix "TJC" are not compatible. On ebay they are being sold as Nextion displays but appear to be some sort of copy. (Hardly unusual) ( Genuine Nextion displays start at more like $18-20.)

The Nextion editor does not allow them to be uploaded with files.  Apparently there was supposed to be a way, with some previous versions of the Nextion Editor which I found and also tried, but to no avail.

So a warning about using 'Nextion" displays, but actually shown as TJC types, they should not be purchased.  Unfortunately ebay (as usual) sellers do not tell us this. Some don't even show the part number on the back in a picture.


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