Re: Can't get my uBitX to transmit CW on the Dial frequency

Jerry Gaffke

My code is different than most others in that there is an explicit CW mode that you select within the menu.

Without an explicit CW mode (just hit the key to send CW, hit the PTT to send SSB), the receiver must always
display the the frequency of what is normally the suppressed carrier of the SSB signal since this is 
primarily an SSB transceiver.   To hear a CW signal (which is just a carrier, in this case not suppressed),
you must tune a few hundred hz to one side somehow.  That's the source of the confusion.

The solution is an explicit CW mode as per post 44349
This also allows the PTT switch to be used as a straight key, freeing up A6 in the stock code.


On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 08:57 pm, Jerry Gaffke wrote:
On receive (if RIT is not enabled) it still shows the same operating frequency in the LCD.
However, the VFO is tuned up in frequency by however many hertz the cw sidetone is set up to be
if operating in LowerSideBand mode, and down in frequency by that many hertz if UpperSideBand mode.

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