Re: VOM Advice?

Jerry Gaffke

That's the same Centech brand as the red rectangular cheapies form Harbor Freight.
Pretty much the same functionality.  And I'd guess the same stuff inside.
The primary differences I see is that this ebay job has a continuity beeper  and a backlight. 


On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 08:11 pm, Tim Gorman wrote:
For most anything you'll do with the ubitx you don't need an expensive
desk meter.

this one:

is representative of one that has lots of functions. It's a lot like
the one I use much of the time. PLEASE don't hook the test leads up the
way it is shown, it won't work!

There is a huge gap in its current measuring scales, from 200ma to
10amp in one big jump, but that will probably get you by.

tim ab0wr

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