Re: Can't get my uBitX to transmit CW on the Dial frequency

Tom, wb6b

On the CEC firmware, and the original factory firmware when you use the PTT for SSB the transmit frequency is what is shown on the display. When you key the transmitter with the CW key the firmware changes the transmit frequency to be lower than what is on the display by the same amount as the "sidetone" frequency setting. 

For someone hearing a CW station that they would like to respond to, then, if they tuned the other station at the same tone as the sidetone they hear when transmitting, everything is great. If you were wanting to initiate an exchange at a specific frequency (like inside the lower edge of amateur band) the unexpected offset kind of sucks. 

If the display at least switched to showing the actual transmit frequency, when transmitting CW, at least people would not be kept in the dark about what the radio is doing. Basic user interface feedback. Pretty much people assume the displayed frequency is the frequency they are transmitting on, and this shift from the display is unexpected behavior.

Tom, wb6b

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