Re: Can't get my uBitX to transmit CW on the Dial frequency

Jerry Gaffke

I'm not sure what you mean about shifting the BFO.
The BFO has nothing to do with transmit.
On receive, it can remain exactly where it was for SSB operation.

And no idea what all the other software releases out there are doing.
Mine is rigged as follows

On transmit the dial shows the frequency of the CW carrier (of course).

On receive (if RIT is not enabled) it still shows the same operating frequency in the LCD.
However, the VFO is tuned up in frequency by however many hertz the cw sidetone is set up to be
if operating in LowerSideBand mode, and down in frequency by that many hertz if UpperSideBand mode.

Since I worked for years with not terribly selective receivers (no crystal filter) I prefer to tune in a CW carrier
by going for a zero beat in the audio.  In this mode, the BFO is moved to the center of the 12mhz
crystal filter passband, halfway between USB and LSB mode.  I call it ZSB. 
Then once tuned in, flip back to LSB or USB mode to operate CW.
This ZSB mode is also handy when calibrating the the 25mhz si5351 reference oscillator as per post 35235.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 07:57 pm, Tim Gorman wrote:
It would actually make the most sense to me if *both* the TX and RX
frequency stayed the same, only the BFO would be shifted. If you are
working CW on 7030 the both the TX and RX should show 7030! If you
change from CWL to CWU only the BFO should move. Otherwise you wind up
continually having to do math in your head to determine what frequency
you are actually listening to!It's far easier and quicker to make the
rig do that!

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