Re: New rig, current to finals does not go up when transmitting (was Need help)

Ralph Mowery

It may just be the mic .  The ubitx is designed to use the electric type mic.  The CB mic may not be putting out enough signal to the ubitx.  Try hooking up the small mic element that comes with the ubitx.

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Hope you don't mind, I created a new thread with a descriptive name.
"Need help" just doesn't do it.  
Original thread was

I suggest you try sending CW into a dummy load.
Finding out whether it works or not will divide the problem roughly in half,
If it works with CW, then everything from Q90 out to the antenna port is fine,
and the problem lies somewhere between the mike and T2.

The fact that the rig receives means that most of the stuff from T7 to T2 is working.

Jerry, KE7ER

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I have assembled my uBITX and when I set up the power-amp bias everything adjust fine until I key the mike and grunt loudly, I don't see any increase in the bias. I assume that the transmitter is not working.  I have installed a led for rec. and trans. and it keys correctly with the led, I get red on trans, green on receiver. I installed a four (4) pin mike connector and it may not be wired correctly. It is wired, pin 1 blue (gr), pin 2 orange (ptt), pin 3 purple (mic), pin 4 case ground. I am using  a Astatic CB mike. I must not have one of the wires connected right but it does key as I can hear the power supply load increase when I key.  I cannot believe the receive on this radio, it does a great job just like it is. Any help would be appreciated.

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