Re: VOM Advice?

Jerry Gaffke

I picked up about a half dozen harbor freight DVM's when they were on sale for $1 or so.
Not auto ranging and pretty easy to blow, but well worth a buck.
Something I can knock around without worrying too much.

If you're willing to spend big money, $12 will get you an autoranging meter that shows capacitance:
I got one of these 5 or more years ago:
I can't recommend it, as you can see how small the "V" indication is that shows it is reading Volts.
That can do an autoranging jump to "mV" to show millivolts, and it takes me awhile to figure my probe
isn't quite making contact with the battery or whatever.

But do consider getting one with a capacitance range, it's handy.
This UT10A generally shows about 100pf across the leads with my hands on the probes.
I put the cap down on the desk and hold the probes to it, take a reading.
Then gingerly pull the probes away a fraction of an inch, take a second reading.
Subtracting the second from the first I get the value of the cap to within about 10pf.


On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 07:11 pm, Mark M wrote:
Sorry if this is a bit off topic but it is related to uBitX hacking...

My ancient, el-cheapo VOMs (Radio Shack/Harbor Freight freebies) all have pretty much ceased working so I'm looking for some suggestions about suitable replacement units. I'm not looking for lab quality, just something for a hobbiest/amateur hardware hacker (like for modifying the uBitx). I'd like to find something that's reliable and reasonably accurate for a few 10's of dollars. I see many units on Amazon for around that but don't know which ones would be good buys. So, any advice from y'all?

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