Need help


I have assembled my uBITX and when I set up the power-amp bias everything adjust fine until I key the mike and grunt loudly, I don't see any increase in the bias. I assume that the transmitter is not working.  I have installed a led for rec. and trans. and it keys correctly with the led, I get red on trans, green on receiver. I installed a four (4) pin mike connector and it may not be wired correctly. It is wired, pin 1 blue (gr), pin 2 orange (ptt), pin 3 purple (mic), pin 4 case ground. I am using  a Astatic CB mike. I must not have one of the wires connected right but it does key as I can hear the power supply load increase when I key.  I cannot believe the receive on this radio, it does a great job just like it is. Any help would be appreciated.

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