Re: SI5351 quadrature VFO

Jerry Gaffke

Yes, the si5338 has one pll.
But with that single pll, the output msynths are done accurately enough that jitter is better than can be done on the si5351
using integer output msynths.

Also, you do realize that the uBitx uses only one of the two PLL's inside the si5351?
The si53351 has two pll's but the second pll is not used.
The uBitx requires three clock.
As described in my previous email.


On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 03:12 pm, <freefuel@...> wrote:
Jerry, that Si5338 while it has four outputs it only has a single PLL, it would seem that only a single PLL to work with would compound the jitter/phase noise problem if there really is one in the uBITX. 

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