Swapping First and Second Line on uBITX Display with KD8CEC v1.08 firmware #ubitx


I just got my uBITX V3 wired up yesterday and decided to go ahead and load the latest available KD8CEC firmware this morning.

After playing around with it for a while I decided that I would prefer to have the Main VFO frequency and Mode displayed in the top
line of the display and the secondary info (VFO B etc) on the bottom line so I looked at the code and realized that there seemed to be a swap
happening between lines one and two under some circumstances. This quest ultimately lead me to the uBITX Memory Manager. 

Under 'User Interface' of the uBitx Memory Manager application (scroll way down), checking  the '1/2 Line Toggle' works to swap the first and 2nd lines
on the display, so I didn't have to change any code to achieve this. 

I did a search within this group and found reference to this feature in message #46400 but it was pretty low key so I thought that I would
reiterate this in case anyone was else has a preference for putting the more important info on the top line of the display.


Michael VE3WMB 

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