Re: First Mod to µBitx = first screw up--Oh my #ubitx-help

Don, ND6T

No worries! Small coax like RG174 is highly suggested. Yes, your workaround is good, don't worry about the stray traces at these frequencies. Use your ohmmeter to insure that you have the right pins.
I believe that there was an excellent post a few months ago that showed the pin numbers. Perhaps someone can help before I can locate it?
As for shaking, I know of what you speak! The best answer is practice. Firearm enthusiasts have the answer, though: Bracing. Get your work down on the bench top and use both hands, arms tightly wedged. Hold your breath. Time your actions. And if you have a medical issue like I do, avoid stress and wait for a good day.
Take your time. Remember what the radio costs. Just have fun. Worst that can happen is a week or two for a whole new radio. 73, Don

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