Re: How hot is too hot? #ubitx

Bo Barry <wn4ghv@...>

Thanks for all the inputs! I've done lots of work with the regulators over the years. One comment I can add to this excellent discussion is that the output ripple increases badly as the voltage difference approaches 2 volts.  Zener diodes are horrible at their 'knee' to. 
Being old fashioned I always thought if I couldn't count to 10 touching something (electronic only) it needed a heat sink. 🤔.    When I converted 50 degrees C, which is OK I stopped counting to 10.  The 150C idea scares me. 
The big Radio Shack heat sink works great.
I had extensive college coverage (with the math) of heat sinks, mica and grease, etc. Loved the math.
BTW the TINY 5v fan does great for WSPR & FT8 duty cycles. I even put my tongue on the finals. 😂.  Thanks for discussion. 

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