First Mod to µBitx = first screw up--Oh my #ubitx-help

William Cullison

I finally started mods on my µBitx. It was simple enough to do the first mod for RF gain control. No problem cutting the trace between K1 and K3 and soldering the 90 degree pins. The problem started when my coax from the gain control was too stiff and managed to rip the 90 degree pins from the board and pulled up the traces.

My solution was to wire coax directly to the appropriate, I hope, pins at K1 and K3. Two questions come to mind. Firstly will my work around be workable? Secondly, do the remains of the traces cause a stray rf path? Third, did I get the right pins? Critics and suggestions are very welcomed. I checked for pin out diagrams for the relays without much luck. I found specs showing pin outs but the numbering scheme didn't match. If someone can provide a correct pin out numbering diagram, it would be appreciated.

I haven't had an opportunity for an on air test as I also completed some minor DC power changes by adding a second fuse holder just for the finals. That and a new puppy. I didn't try building the Kees AGC board as my hands were shaking so bad I was even having problems with through hole components let alone SMD.

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