Re: KD8CEC uBITX firmware 1.071 #ubitx

Michael Shreeve

I had that problem with another update at one time. The answer is calibration. For the most part you can bring everything into spec by adjusting the BFO (carrier oscillator)/ The object is to do the calibration as spoke of in here .
This may be considered to be a "rough" calibration. After doing that, go to a sideband signal, for which you know the frequency, and whether it is upper or lower, set the correct ssb mode, go to calibration mode again, adjust the bfo. You should be able to clear it up . Then, go to WWV 10 MHz , or perhaps 15, and set the master clock again so the audio frequency and sound is the same regardless of whether your on upper or lower sideband. You'll then be on frequency. With correct sidebands. About the only thing you might need to do after that is set the BFO for sound has the  the correct tonal quality. Most of the time you will have adjusted it so has to much base.  

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