Re: 2.5 MHz low pass fiilter uses no toroids, SMDs #ubitx


Hi Paul,
I wanted something fairly small and quick hence no toroid winding, and looking  through my SMD inductor box, found the ones shown. 1812 footprint. Nothing special. Similar parts available from Element14 at about 50c. 2493202

The Rigol SA with tracking generator is a VERY handy thing to have for homebrewers. There is also the newer but similar Siglent  SSA3000x series,  that's slightly more expensive. (I have no ties to either of these companies)


On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 08:47 pm, VK3HN wrote:
Good looking trace from a HPF made of surface mount inductors and capacitors. I'm not surprised by the use of s.m. caps but inductors does surprise a little.  I would have hand wound them on T37-2 (at a minimum).  Are they anything special Glelnn?  --Paul VK3HN.  

PS: I want a Rigol DSA815 (!)

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