ND6T and K5BCQ = Genius

Bill Carpenter <nz0tham@...>

I just finished building and installing the click eliminator in my uBITX and to my utter and absolutes amazement it worked the first time!  I am an experienced kit builder but other then very simple mods and/or repairs to my K3 and KPA500 I have never done anything with SMT stuff.  But the very well put together kit by Kees and the detailed instructions from Don really made it much easier than I thought it would be.  The board ain't pretty what with a few not-so-straight components because I was afraid to move stuff around too much but it works!  Just worked a 2 in VA and got a 579 with my 2 element quad.


Thanks guys!   May take a while before I try the AGC kit but I plan to soon.

73 Bill NZ0T

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