uBITX Version 4 first attempt #ubitx #ubitx-help


I was very excited to get my kit - I am pretty novice, but have a firm grasp of basic electronic theory - I followed the direction from HF Signals, and had it up and running pretty quickly,  its mounted in an old Midland  CB Case and using a Baofeng handmic  (MIC Only)  Speaker is the old midland speaker. I have the VER 4 with no Audio IC On the board and here are my issues:

1. Very VERY Quiet audio using the internal speaker or an small amplified stereo speaker.

2. The Calibration for the 25MHz crystal doesn't work at all like the directions -  I enter the menu and it says setup, turn to on then move to calibrate and hit the button, it tells me to turn exactly to 10 MHz, and a second later begins to transmit -  I hit the PTT Button and get rewarded with a sidetone that is Very loud from the speaker -  I put it on a dummy load, listened with my IC 746 unhooked from an antenna and try to match the sidetone with the noise from the Icom .   

Is this a thing with the V4? 
I am not confident enough to reload the firmware but have messed with the Calibration and BFO SO much things SSB Sounds Horrible!  Ill try to post a video tonight.

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