Re: Spurs for Dummies? #ubitx-help

Tom, wb6b

Someone was good enough to email me and let me know the uBITX does seem to meet the -43DB down specification. So, I'm doing WSPR on 15,12 and 10M now. I did back down the audio drive level a little more, just as a precaution. 

However, now that I discovered a way to switch one more filter with the relays that are already on the board, maybe I'll try putting a 160M lowpass filter there.

Thinking about how to reduce the spur was fun though. Even pondered bypassing the 45Mhz filter when transmitting on 15, 12 and 10 meters, and using the 12Mhz chain all the way to the mixer driven by CLK#2. Looked like it required a couple of switchable hi-pass filters on the output filters and, therefore, an additional relay, so no panacea. 

Thought experiments are no substitute for breaking out the soldering iron and trying some things, but, thought or solder, this is the type of thing that makes this transceiver fun to have. 

Tom, wb6b

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