Re: KD8CEC Firmware S-Meter usage

Ian Lee


Yes, You can use any signal meter circuit.
It is a way to specify the level for the signal meter, so any signal meter circuit is supported.

My circuit may appear to be unchanged when measuring with a multimeter. So I thought your S-Meter sensor might be in normal operation.
When your S-meter sensor is connected to the uBITX, the ADC will periodically measure the ADC and each time the capacitor is expected to change state as it discharges.


2018-06-12 5:05 GMT+09:00 Mark M <junquemaile@...>:

Thanks for the inputs, guys. I'll probably build Don's AGC circuit and use it. It's just frustrating that I can't get such a simple circuit to work. I'm probably not seeing something obvious. 

If it was easy, it wouldn't be as much fun, tho, would it?   ;)

73...   Mark    AA7TA

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