Re: Net Neutrality Ending

Robert D. Bowers

Simple answer... since I first got my ticket in 1980, I've heard of several attempts by corporations to take over Amateur Radio bands for their own use... and read of others going back through the years.  In today's political climate, dollars have voices (and thus can influence votes) and all it would take would be a corporation (or rich corporate owner) to decide they want the frequencies, and suddenly we will have problems with message servers like this one.

Maybe one of the big-name transceiver manufacturers would decide they don't want people buying the BitX, they'd have the clout to make things difficult as well.

What the FCC does has a direct impact on people like amateur radio operators.  We're about communication, after all.  The people behind the move this topic is about are well aware that we can bypass their attempts to stifle free speech and dissemination of information.  If they can do it to the internet, well, we're only a tiny portion of the US population.  Most people won't even notice if we lost our allocations, or (as I've actually heard) think that corporations can better use those bands.


People overseas might be more interested in this than you think.  If things like this happen in the US, it's very possible they'd experience the same.  I do know that as a general rule, the people in other countries are very interested in what happens here... because of the politics what happens here could have a direct influence on what THEY experience.

On 06/11/2018 01:57 AM, Ken Hansen wrote:
This is an international Maillist in support of an Amateur Radio device, please do not post political comments here. Such topics are typically not of interest to subscribers outside the US.


Ken, N2VIP

On Jun 10, 2018, at 10:37 PM, Richard Spohn <wb2gxm@...> wrote:

Just a friendly reminder that the not-so-Friendly Candy Company is
repealing "net neutrality" today. Just another example in a long
string of events about making things worse, not better. Keep an eye
on your net-provider bills! -- Rich WB2GXM

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