Re: KD8CEC Firmware S-Meter usage

Ian Lee


Maybe your S-Meter is good.
It is a circuit composed of about 4 parts and it will work if only the power is connected well.
Depending on the voltage measurement method, the value may not change.

Check the power supply to the LM386 and if it is correct, install it in uBITX.

Please refer to the link below.

Measure the ADC value in uBITX Manager. If there is a difference in measured value when the antenna is removed and the antenna is mounted, it is a success.

If the wires are connected properly, you only need to consider capacitor value
If the value changes slowly, you can connect a little less capacity


2018-06-11 13:46 GMT+09:00 Mark M <junquemaile@...>:

I got some LM386 chips and built the circuit shown in Ians's article. It's a pretty simple circuit but I can't get it to work. No matter the input level, the output is a constant 4.16v, even with the input shorted or open. I don't understand what's going on. I've tried several different LM386s but no change. I'm completely baffled. So what is this diode-capacitor sensor that I keep reading about? I have the ND6T AGC board but haven't assembled it yet. If I can't get something as simple and idiot-proof as the LM386 circuit to work I'm not sure I should tackle anything more complicated. :)

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