No Power


Having built  the uBITZ and been checking receive and all is well. Loaded KD8CEC version 1.8 and checked receive again.

Now tried CW TX but got no power out. Read all the topics on a previous 'No Power' topic and followed all the checks.
All TX voltages are present and the main oscillators must all be running as receive is working well.

Got a simple 10 MHz scope and checked the output from the MIC amp and CW tone to the mixer and I cannot detect any change of signal 
when operating the PTT and the CW key. 

I will wire up a MIC element and test the audio from that later.

Any ideas would be welcome as I am reasonably competent in fault finding; I may make a tone generator and inject a tone into the mixer to check for power out.
There is a CW  tone output on pin 15 which I think is where the Raduino is plugged into the motherboard. 

That's my next check.


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