Re: Messed up removal of TDA2822

Marc Jones

One of the easiest ways to remove a blown IC , If your not to confident in soldering , Take s sharp pair of side cutters, Cut each leg of the IC close to the IC main body , Remove the actual IC , Your now left with the 8 solder pins still soldered into the PCB, With s pair of long nose pliers or tweezers,  heat up the solder with your iron, And gently  pull each pin out from the board, once this has been done a good solder sucker will remove the rest of the solder leaving clean holes ... Soldering is a skill, Practice makes perfect ... Once your competent and you've gained  the skill you can  remove the IC with solder sucker alone ..

Practice on scrap PCBs first though , This saves the damage as you have here on your radios PCB.



On Mon, 11 Jun 2018 at 1:41, Sajid Rahum via Groups.Io
<zs735@...> wrote:
Need help. I cut the TDA2822 (WX model) and tried my best to get the pins out - used copper wick etc. no luck.  

Landed up wiring the 8 pin dil with replacement NJM chip.  When i turned around, looks like one anchor dropped out - you can see the flux showing. 

My worry where did that bit that dropped out was to go to?  I will place a wire if needed.

This was been a nightmare replacing the 2822.

Any suggestion is welcome

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