Re: VU2SPF - TFT_TouchScreen_for_uBitx -- CAT, Split, UP/Down Scan, V2.9BU Released with New User Manual


CW is not supported at this time.

The Ptt  is made of the Orange Wire and ground.  Your Ptt switch must provide a path to ground for the orange wire


On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 11:50 PM harleyleenuke <vfrank59@...> wrote:
Hello,,  i have installed this firmware on my uBitx and is is mostly working great.
 The only issue , is I can not get the CW key nor the microphone ,to Key the rig.
With the microphone plugged in, the PTT on the microphone does not key the rig. However, when I press the TX on the TFT display , the rig does key and the microphone works when I speak into it.     The cw paddle does nothing.

 I have wired the display up per the drawing,   Thanks for the help.


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