uBITX v3 - Wiring in a 6 pin Mini-Din for Data

Andy Wragg

Hi folks, Whilst I wait for my InKits enclosure to arrive courtesy of IndiaPost, I thought I'd double check my thoughts on a mod for my ubitx.
I want to use this radio for data (WSJT-X FT-8) and already have cables for my FT-450. My data cable is 6 pin Mini-DIN at the radio end. Is it simply a case of connecting a Mini-DIN socket as follows;

Mini Din                       uBITX
1  (DATA IN)              Vol High (Yellow Wire)
2  (GND)                        GND (Blue wire)
3  (DATA PTT)                PTT (Orange wire)
4  (FSK IN)                     
5  (DATA OUT)               MIC (Violet wire)
6  (SQL OUT)                

These are the same pin outs as the FT-817/8. I'm using a RadioArena UD04YA interface at home and with the laptop, but will also be getting a WolphiLink for use with my tablet/phone.



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