Re: CAT Control


I'm writing this in case anyone else is having trouble getting wsjt-x to interface with the uBitx via cat control.


So, continuing in my quest to get cat control working in wsjt-x (I should say saga). I decided to try to use the win7 machine having just about given up on the win10 machine. I downloaded a new driver for the Arduino nano, made sure baud rates were set to 38,400 and was able to set up wsjt-x with ease. Cat control and ptt work without issue. So, back to the win10 machine ( a laptop I want to use with the uBitx for field day). I discovered that the last update forced upon me by Microsoft changed the mic settings. Changing the permissions to allow apps to have access to the mic seems to have fixed the problem. So, cat works great on both win7 and 10. Yahoo!!!

73, Dennis

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