2.8" enhanced demo with expansion board #ubitx

Bo Barry <bobarr@...>

What fun! Learning the Editor and Nextion fast! (Well it takes a whole day at my age).

I've put In the files the original 3.2" example by Vectorspace converted to the 2.8" display.

Lessons learned:
The clock can be displayed better/easier using the variable function, instead of converting the clock digits to text like in my previous demo. Lots easier and to understand.

The demo has a screen brightness example, a time display with the ability to adjust the seconds, and a control page that:
1) 6 buttons (inputs) on the expansion board light up their image on the display.
2) makes the beeper beep when you touch the beeper on the display(output),
3) Lights the tiny LED on the board when you touch it on the display(output)
Touching the buttons on the display only blink them
The original example was 3.2" not 2.3 like stated.

The 240x400 images can be resized to 240x320 using the InkScape program. I haven't conquered it yet so I used a handy program (pgv.com) that I had.

As you replace the images you have to move the 'icons' to fit your smaller display. When you try to delete the original images no longer used, the program will tell you when one of your icons is off screen, so you simply move it until they all fit.
Hope that helps someone - I know I was about to throw mine in the trash until I youTube'd and Google'd it to death.

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