Re: RF power chain mods and improvements..

Jerry Gaffke

The ADA4895-2 that Howard chose to drive the IRF510's might turn out
to be a good high volume choice after all.
Can buy that dual op-amp from for $3.21@1000, presents almost
no load on the preceding stage, and apparently drives the IRF510's without a transformer.

Preceding stage with the HA-5002 is a voltage follower and a 1:13 impedance ratio transformer.
The HA-5002 is spendy for what it does here, should be plenty of other ways to implement that. 


On Sat, Jun 9, 2018 at 08:54 am, Jerry Gaffke wrote:
Those parts are likely a bit too expensive for hfsignals, but way more cost effective for most of us
than spending weeks trying to get some $0.15 parts to do the job.

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