Re: RF power chain mods and improvements..


Thanks for all mod proposals and great discussions. Just got my v3 unit after two month of delivery struggle throw the postal service here in Sweden. Now starts all the fun. I have one question that I think partly has not been covered by this thread apperently as it is about power mods. However, Farhan stated the the RX NF should be around 14 dB as there are no preamp and a passiv diod mixer. Perhaps OK for lower band but how about 28 Mhz. I saw in your final? mod statement that you had change the post mixer IF transistor to a better Ft versionĀ  BFR 106. I guess that will improve the NF slightly but is it enough. Will there be a need for a preamp also on the Rx side for the higher bands? Of course you can always argue that with low power output there are no advantage to hear stations you canĀ“t reach. But if you hang on a 50 W PA I guess there is a need for some kind of improvement of the receiving performances at least on 10 M. And will the replacement of Q 10 also include change of C11 to 470pF and R13 to 8.3 ohm to boost 30 MHz?
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