Re: Current Firmware

Gary Anderson

Too bad the Arduino IDE doesn't have a GUI interface to 'upload' a .hex (or .elf) file.
    This would make it easy to share a single 'compiled file'/ machine code and you could just upload to the Arduino.
    Easy enough to share the .hex, but the next battle will be you figuring out how to upload it.
There is software available for a P.C. that does
But I haven't found such for a mac, or have a way to test using an intel based 'modern' mac.

You don't have to be an accomplished 'C programmer' to use the Arduino IDE.

I don't see any libraries used in Farhan's supplied code that isn't part of the standard Arduino IDE.

I'd be happy to send you a single 'flat' ino file (the one that the Arduino IDE creates during the compile / linking process) in a private mail if this makes things easier for you to get going.
If you would like this, send me your email address by responding to this post with the "private" button, and I will send you a single file sketch.
I did not clean up the code that generates the compiler warnings.  I have checked that the single flat file  compiles and links.


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