Re: Removing surface mounted resistor #ubitx

Howard Fidel

No sweat. Ideally you can use a pair of soldering tweezers to heat both sides of the resistor and remove it. However, the trick I use is to heat one side, then the other and put some sideways pressure on the part, and it will release and either slide over or lift up on one side. Then just take it off the board. Make sure some solder is on the pads before putting the new part in. Hold the part down in the middle with a  tweezer or other sharp instrument, and reflow each side separately.


On 6/6/2018 9:48 AM, Robbie Robertson wrote:
I have the R3 board, and have tried to duplicate the anti-pop cct from the R4 schematic (current on a proto board).
The mod works ok, in that there is no 'pop' on transitions between TX and RX, but the CW sidetone is no longer coming through the speaker...

I want to try changing the value of R70 from 10, to 1000 Ohms (as per Rev4), but I've never tried removing a surface mounted component before, and a bit scared of damaging the board/resistor (in case I need to put it back).

Can anyone advise how best to go about this please?

I'm even toying with the idea of cutting the tack on either side so I can bridge the gap with a new value (or feed lines to my proto board for testing of various resistances...

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